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Ares wallet is the entrance to your crypto gaming world. With it, you can manage all kinds of crypto artifacts in a fun and safe way. Ares Wallet will evaluate your blockchain gaming experience.

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Ares 致力为玩家提供一个基于区块链公平和资产归属特性的对战平台,特别针对休闲游戏,智力游戏等类型优化。而非通常意义上的区块链游戏分发平台(App Store)。玩家之前可参与或自建挑战,这也就避免了平台中心化的倾向。等等


Ares 为多种类型的玩家提供了不同的对战体验。比如限时竞技场,棋牌室,多人休闲对战等。


开发者可以通过Ares Suite SDK提供的去中心化数据库存储,玩家形象和资产接入,随机数生成等接口,一站式完成传统休闲游戏上链的全部过程。SDK还提供跨链协议,保障玩家在一次部署即可同时登陆多条主流公链。

欢迎通过Ares Wallet或官网直接购买,或在平台及交易所认购通证。发售时间待定。

About Ares

Meet the players in Berlin and see what we’re up to.

Jack Li


Ares的创始人兼CEO Jack Li拥有十年互联网产业经验,不仅参与过微博的早期运营,并在产业中担任过横跨整个周期的角色,包括UX产品经理、市场战略、growth hacker、社交媒体运营、营销、品牌合作等。

Christian Gehl


Ares CTO Christian Gehl曾在各种职能部门担任过10多年的高级管理职位。曾于2008年任Fraunhofer FIRST的研究员,之后于2010年成为Trifense的联合创始人之一,并担任该公司CTO。在Christian的带领下,该公司在DACH区域(德国、奥地利、瑞士)发展成安全解决方案和咨询行业拥有深远影响力的公司。

Ciarán Dold

资深 UX/UI 设计师

Ares交互设计师Ciarán Dold先生毕业于都柏林理工学院,在设计和视觉传播方面拥有丰富的原型设计和UI / UX设计经验。 此前,Ciarán曾在Mallzee Edinburgh担任UX设计师,曾在都柏林Guidecentral的产品设计师,在Clevercards都柏林担任UI设计师和P.R团队的数字设计师。

Jiani Yu


Ares项目经理于佳妮,于女士毕业于Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule。自2015年在柏林广告制作公司担任制作人助理和后期制作工作。曾参与过Jägermeister,索尼,奔驰等广告制作。

Join our Team

Are you a right fit for Ares?

This full time position (40h) is required to be onsite at our Berlin office. Remote work is only available for short term. We are looking for an exceptional Smart Contract developer to work with our crossfunctional team, and join our community of talented experts. About you: You will be responsible for the integration of Solidity smart contracts. Contribute to and work within Agile and DevOps frameworks. Develop in alignment with overall architecture design. Experience of developing Ethereum smart contracts written in Solidity, full-stack development, especially with ReactJS and Node, is an advantage

This full time position (40h) is required to be onsite at our Berlin office. Remote work is only available for short term. The Game Developer role (start with HTML5) is responsible for designing, architecting, testing and implementing game features into existing or own games which use blockchain technology. You will work closely with external game artists and producers and with other developers to share learning and best practices how to integrate blockchain features. In your role you will also provide guidance and technical leadership to less-experienced team members and may be asked to assemble and perform training sessions on an as needed basis. This person will also be asked to develop documentation on new or existing systems.

This full time position (40h) is required to be onsite at our Berlin office. No remote work is available for the long term. We are looking for an exceptional (Senior) Backend Developer/Engineer to work with our cross-functional team, and join our community of talented experts. About you: At least 3+ years experience as a backend software engineer/developer. Expertise in any, one or more backend object oriented programming language (e.g. Python, Go, Java, Scala or C++ ) and the eagerness to learn more. Experience with building scalable production services. Track record of providing clean, concise documentation to other developers, is desired. Experience with developing complex and scalable software systems with production quality deployment, monitoring and reliability. Experience developing and running large scale distributed systems, service oriented architectures, and reliable monitoring and deployment infrastructure.


This is how we get there.

Q1 2018

User focus groups

Q2 2018

Prototype上线,Whitepaper 1.0, Worldcup Prediction Game

Q3 2018

Wallet Design, Suite SDK alpha, Corner Stone Sale

Q4 2018

DApp alpha内测版上线, Wallet beta
Suite SDK beta公测版上线

Q1 2019

Arena DApp beta公测版上线, Wallet 1.0
Suite SDK 1.0 及

Q2 2019

Development Suite 1.0 with
Multi-chain Adapters and build-in
Context for competions

Q3 2019

Development Suite 2.0 with
Data Dashboard
Arena 1.0 with game crowdfunding

Q4 2019



Our investor, media and technical partners.


编码: ARES
总供应量: 1,000,000,000 ARES
出售总量: 300,000,000 ARES
代币协议: ERC20
软顶: 100,000,000 ARES
硬顶: 300,000,000 ARES
1 ARES = 0.035 EUR
公募时间: 待定

15% Bonus Pool
5% Strategic Cooperation
5% Initial Operation
30% 公开出售
30% 团队
15% Incubator


10% 法务相关业务
40% 技术与产品研发
20% 市场营销
20% 社区运营
10% 发展预留


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