All-In-One SDK for Creators

Provide creators with all-in-one development solution for efficient and
friendly cross-chain collaboration.

Hard to start Usability
Unfriendly environment Integration
Centralised Storage Safety
Blackbox for game rules Fairness

Plasma is a proposed framework for incentivized and enforced execution of smart contracts which is scalable to a significant amount of state updates per second (potentially billions) enabling the blockchain to be able to represent a significant amount of decentralized financial applications worldwide

Technical Capabilities

Ares is Scalable Blockchain Social Gaming Network.


All-in-one solution for Dapp Development

ARES SDK as entry point for developers, provides clear and stable APIs

ARES IDE for Solidity & Javascript development, with Ethereum Testnet and cloud deployment & collaboration supports

Pluggable versioning


Smooth Transition between different infrastructures

Enabled by different adapters between low-level blockchain technologies and ARES SDK

No code change needed on developer side by upgrading blockchain infrastructure


Improving Transparency

Random number generator (RNG)

Transparent Rules

Fair game


Decentralized Data Storage

Co-operation with BigchainDB for blockchain database solution

Decentralized infrastructure in cooperation with 3rd party providers



Side-chain Technologies


Off-chain transfer network

Cross chain operability

About Ares Suite

Our video channel where we post about technology. More will come about the SDK soon.

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