Lu Sisi

Art Director

Lu Sisi is a visual/sound artist originally. Both commercially, his work spans multiple disciplines – live performance, motion graphics, film, music composition and production, sound design, and installation art. In his work, Lu Sisi’s particular passion is the theme of Heritage – connecting the past and the present. His most recent work explores the relationship between man, machine and landscape in the UK, and received critical acclaim as well as awards from Sky Arts and New York Festival. A creative problem-solver, Lu Sisi is well acclimatised to working in fast-paced environments – whetherindependently or in collaboration – with commissions from clients such as Jaguar Land Rover, SKY, BBC, MINI, MAX&Co., Mercedes-Benz, Secoo and fashion designer HAIZHEN WANG for London and Shanghai Fashion Weeks. He is also the Creative Director and band member of ‘Forest Rising’ and ‘M_d_P_h_N’/ 魔登破坏念.

Dr. Ingo Schneider

Legal Advisor

Dr. Ingo Schneider is the cofounder of Icadia Legal, a law firm specializing in digital assets, ICO, venture capital and financial technology services. The company customers include corporate founders and their companies, investors, corporate builders and incubators. Icadia Legal's strategic legal advisory services mainly involve corporate equity structure design and trading risk aversion, as well as helping clients fulfill and change contracts.

Prof. Dr. Konrad Rieck

Scientific Advisor

Professor (W3) of Computer Science at TU Braunschweig. Leading the Institute of System Security since 2016. Prior to taking this position, Prof. Dr. Rieck has been working at the University of Göttingen, Technische Universität Berlin and Fraunhofer Institute FIRST.

Jonathan Maxim

Media Consultant

Jonathan Maxim is a post-recognized thought leader, a staff writer at Forbes, Inc Magazine and Huffington Blockchain & Tech space, with 10 years’ experience in PR and marketing for data centers, apps & more. Jonathan Maxim majored in graphic design and user interface at San Diego State University when he was an undergraduate, and he started his career in business (marketing/public relations) at the master's level. In addition, Jonathan has also written technical books in the fields of product development, UX design and marketing.After leaving the position of Fortune 50 Marketing Strategy Director for many years, Jonathan Maxim started his own entrepreneurial career. He used to manage millions of dollars of advertising and public relations budgets for large technology companies, these projects have successfully ignited the team members' pursuit of business goals and passions.

Steven Karch

Blockchain Advisor

Crypto-currency miner since 2013, Blockchain Enthusiast. Over 20 years of experience in distributed systems, computer network, IT infrastructure.

René Gerstenberger

Data Security Advisor

René has been working with numerous global clients and organization, helping to manage appropriate Corporate IT Operations, Data Protection Compliance and Data Governance approaches and solutions. He has taken on various leading roles both on a global and national level.

Simon Schwerin

Blockchain Advisor

Simon advises XAIN as a Business Development Manager, after he wrote his Master Thesis about Blockchains and Privacy, specifically concerning the GDPR. He now focuses his work on leading medixain as a CEO to build a solution in the Healthcare and Blockchain sector. Previously he worked for the Blockchain Start-up BigchainDB on the business strategy and project management side. He led the working groups on identity and standardization within the public German blockchain lobby group „Bundesblock“ (Bundesverband Blockchain).

Füsun Wehrmann

Engineering Advisor

Vice President Of Engineering at OLX Berlin Tech Hub, former Premier Field Engineering (PFE) Manager, EMEA Technology Manager for Development at Microsoft Germany. Startup Mentor, Speaker, Google LP Mentor.

Maurus Radelow

Cyber & Information Security Advisor

Advising clients in both the public and the private sector in all matters information security governance (ISO 27000 & BSI Grundschutz, risk management, and compliance). Prior to working in Germany, Maurus has spent 6+ years working for numerous international organizations.

Ran Wang

Game Publishing Advisor

Experienced Global Lead in Business Communication and Community Development with a demonstrated history of working in the computer games industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Business Strategy, Start-ups, Licensing, Mobile Applications and Game Design.